Saturday, May 2, 2015

Spectacular Swanky Saturday #2

Being the first Saturday of the month means it's time for Swanky Saturday's post!!!! 

*Cue excited music and dancing*

If you don't know what Spectacularly Swanky Saturdays is, click here for more information! Feel free to join in with comments, pictures, or links, and be sure to say something on Twitter with our #SwankySat tag. We would love to see what others are doing!! 

Now time to get to the main part of the posts, the month's challenge!

Create Your Own Dream Library

This month, we were challenged to use our imaginations and create our own dream library. This can be as realistic or dreamlike as you would like it to be. I know what you're thinking, you already have your dream library in mind...and I bet it looks a lot like this:

Sadly, this is just for Belle and someone *cough, cough...Kelly..cough* wouldn't let us just post this picture. So that leaves us with coming up with our own. Which we will make WAY better!! Thanks to Pinterest there were no shortage of pictures to use. 

Once again, I have the honor of the lovely Chelsea joining my page to share her Saturday post, so lets take a tour of her library shall we...

Hello! *waves* Welcome to my dream library! Let's take a little tour, shall we...

The first thing I hope people notice are the massive floor-to-ceiling bookshelves...and ultimately fall into a swoon at the awesomeness. Ultimate compliment.

The second, the decor. Which is a mix between gothic.........

.....and Victorian

Next, my handmade, one of a kind cabinet (hehe) for my precious classics, including my entire first edition set of Jane Austen's work. A girl can dream, right?

And then, the spiral staircase! Oooo, intriguing! A second floor!

Which leads to...the view.

And to wrap up our tour, no library is complete without...a hidden passageway! *door creaks open* *Cue creepy music*

Thank you for joining me!


Well...I almost didn't finish the tour. A few of those books on the shelves were calling my name! To grab one and settle in on that chair to read..I was tempted. I hope you get that library one day Chelsea, it looks amazing! Especially that case with those first editions. Beautiful. 

Now that we have seen Chelsea's library, I would like to share mine with you all! If you would just step this way we can get started:

Nice and cozy, right? I know it's not as big as you may have been expecting, but this is where I can spend some time reading and entertaining a few friends.

BUT, since you are here and I can trust you with my precious babies (a.k.a. my books) I guess I can show you my secret places. I hope you have your walking shoes on...

(who doesn't want a hidden passage in a library?)

Since I do like to try and write, and have a dream of being a writer one day, it only makes sense to have a writing place. This is the spot where I would come to escape into my imagination and write the stories I want to tell! I would have books that would be for research to help me work out all the details.

In the other corner I would have a little nook where I could really enjoy a book! I always wanted a reading nook, so of course I had to add one somewhere...

On the other end of the room we have the...spiral staircase! I couldn't help but add this one, I think it would be amazing to have a spiral staircase in my house, especially in a library. 

This would lead me to my large library! This is where I would have all my books!!! Or most of them anyway. Although this picture doesn't show as many as I would like, just imagine more shelves!!

Oh, you want to know what's behind the antique wooden door? I can show you that as well, come on...*steps through door*

When I was younger, one of my favorite books was The Secret Garden. I'm still in love with that book, so if I could make a dream library I could add a secret garden as well, right? But it's not just any garden, it's a reading garden! Here let me prove it! 

Just for a little decorations I would have signs like this one showing directions to some of my favorite bookish places. And how can you have a secret garden without a swing???
A little farther down we have my little outdoor reading nook and it's own outside library. Don't worry, the books are protected! This is where I keep some of my favorite outdoor reading, like The Secret Garden. Some books are just better read outside. 

If you would follow me through this next little part, we can wrap things up...

Here we have the reading pond. It has a nice little place to just sit and read in the center. I don't really know why I have this except for the fact that I found it neat and an interesting idea...

The last part of my library is very special... Through this door is Magic! (it's a dream library after all, so why not throw in a bit of magic?)

In this room the books I read can come to life. If I want to talk with one of my favorite characters, I just need to come here and I can. How fun would that be to just sit and talk with your favorite characters? What if you had multiple characters from multiple books?? 

Well, I guess that's it for my library. I hope you enjoyed getting a chance to see everything!! Let me know what your dream library would be! 

Now, go to your dream library and get lost between the pages of a good book! See you all next time!


  1. A reading pond! How amazing is THAT?! Love! Wonderful post, Lauren, and thank you for having me! *hugs!*

  2. I love how yours is a tour through the library. Made it really fun to read. I love the decor in yours Chelsea, and I promise to look and not touch those fabulous Jane Austen books in that amazing shelf (is that shelf locked? Because I would keep it locked). And I love how you have a whole garden with yours Lauren. I think that is so cool! I'll just be hanging out in the area with all the magi now...

  3. OMG girl those garden setting are magical. I would love to have that sing with all the locations to. I think it will be my mission in life to have that awesome window seat too!! Love your vision!
    <3 Britt

  4. Haha, I like how you both used secret passageways. That's AWESOME!! It would make me feel special or royal or something to have a secret passageway in my library. I seriously love how different all of ours are! I wish more people had joined in for this last one, because it's awesome to see the different ideas!! P.S. Lauren, can I just marvel and *grabby hands* at your reading pond alcove and your final picture with the big glass wall... *big eyes*... it's incredible...