How it Started

It all started at the Book Shop..

  On a warm summer's day I wandered into the local used book shop we have in town. Browsing the many shelves lined with the colorful lives of so many characters, I wasn't quite sure what to get. With so many options of books I knew nothing about, how could I possibly pick one? Should I pick the newly published book that no one really knows about? Or how about the one that seems to get the most buzz? 

 Thankfully, the shop owner gave me some helpful advice. After a bit of talking, she helped me pick one to buy and I went merrily on my way, new book in hand.

  Later that night, as I laid in my bed all cozy and warm preparing to read my new treasure, I began to think of an idea. I could start a book blog!  I have been wanting to do a blog for a while now, but I could never get the inspiration or motivation to actually do it. 

  So that is how Between the Pages, came to be. This is basically a place I decided to make to do book reviews of the books I have read and plan to read. A place I can let my inner book nerd out with others that enjoy the same stories I do. A small spot on the web to talk about reading, books, writers, or anything really. 

  With so many wonderful authors out there writing their stories, why not take a moment to enjoy it with others? 

  So grab a book, get comfy, and get lost between the pages...

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