Friday, May 30, 2014

Invasion of the Month!

   So apparently this became alien invasion month! Not something I would have ever imagined myself saying. I have never been a huge fan of invading alien stories, but after reading The 5th Wave, I’m branching out a bit. 

    I found an article that talked about The 5th Wave. Not an actual review, but just a brief summary of what to look forward to while reading. On that same article was supposedly a book similar to The 5th Wave. Once again, I have found a book I know little about. Actually, I know nothing about it, because I have never even heard of it! So here is my next book to review:

By: Margaret Stohl

According to the article, if you like one you will like the other. Each have the same basic idea of aliens invading Earth, but one is different from the other. The 5th Wave was a bit more dark compared to this novel (or at least that is what the article said).

Unlike with The 5th Wave, I have not heard any good or bad reports from my friends, nor have I taken the time to research it. (not something I normally do. I like to be prepared). So I am going into this one blind. **shivers** 

I finished The 5th Wave and the review for that is coming shortly. I was on a mini vacation last week and didn't take the time to type up the review before starting this new book. 

Time to get lost between the pages, talk again shortly!

Review for both books coming soon! 

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