Saturday, August 23, 2014

Seven Deadly Sins Tag

     I was tagged by the lovely Christy of Christy's Book Addiction to do the Seven Deadly Sins tag. This is the first time I've been tagged to do something, so I am having a little more fun with it than I probably should.

  Even in the reading world, we encounter the 7 Deadly Sins. Here is my answers to each one:

1. Greed. What is your most inexpensive book?
         To be honest, most on my shelf. I don't have much money to spend on books at the moment, so most of mine were bought at the local library for .25-$1.00. Gotta love when you can catch a bargain! Most recent one, however, would be Cinder by Marissa Meyer. I received this one as a gift, so it was FREE!!!!

2. Wrath. What author do you have a love/hate relationship with?
          This one I really don't have an answer for. I either hate an author or love them. So far I don't have one that I fell in the middle with. So, I'm gonna switch this one up a bit. I'm gonna say Veronica Roth. I loved the series, but hated some of the way it was written. If that makes sense...

3. Gluttony. What book books have you devoured over and over again with no shame?
            And we have a tie!!! I may be in my twenties, but that does not keep me away from the children's books. Two series I have read over, and over and will read many more times are...
                     Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling
                     Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan
Love diving back into these worlds over and over. Magic and Greek/Roman Mythology, how can you not love it!

4. Sloth. What book have you neglected due to laziness?
         Not because of the length of the book, but because of how it is written. Lord of the Rings series. I tried years back when I was younger to read these, and at the time I didn't quite follow it. It confused me a bit and I didn't like thinking that hard on a book. I plan on reading this series, but just haven't tried all that hard yet.

5. Pride. What book do you talk most about to sound like an intellectual reader?
        I don't tend to use books to sound intellectual mainly because the ones that help do that, I didn't read. All those school books we were required to read? yeah I skimmed them and used what my friends told me about the books to pass test. I probably will have to pick The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Only because I actually read that one.

6. Lust. What attributes do you find attractive in a male/female character?
        If I find any character attractive, it will be a male. I like the misfits that tend to not be popular and perfect. Characters with flaws and mistakes are the ones that catch my eye. Even if it's a fantasy novel, these characters seem more human and lovable. Especially if they have a sense of loyalty, and humor. Dark hair and blue eyes don't hurt either.

7. Envy. What book would you most like to receive as a gift?
        Once again, I have a problem on narrowing this down to just one book! (I'm envious, remember!)
If I could get any book or books for a the current moment I would say:
                         Anything by Rainbow Rowell ...or...
                something my Sarah J. Maas. (except Throne of Glass)
I recently started reading Rainbow Rowell and fell in love with her writing. Especially Fangirl. Sarah J. Maas is one I want to start reading, but I want a few more in her series before I get into them. So far I only have the first book.

So, that is my answers for the 7 Deadly Sins tag! I hope you enjoyed reading them. :)

I don't currently have anyone to tag, so I'm just gonna say whoever would like to do this tag, feel free to use my name!

I would love to know what you have to say so leave me a comment below! IF you did this tag, leave a link and I'll check it out!

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