Monday, September 1, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday #3


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This week's Top Ten is:

Top Ten Book Characters That Would Be Sitting At My Lunch Table!

Since school is getting back in session, it seems only right that this week's Top Ten would feature a school related theme.

To be honest, I kinda like the way this is phrased. Maybe it will be just me that takes it this way, but to me this question is not asking who I would want at my table, but rather, who would actually be more likely at my table. So I have no problem admitting I'm not the coolest person out there, so some of your major "cool" characters...probably NOT at my table. They would wish they were, but hey..we can't all be awesome, right?

So let's get down to listing who I would be striking up a conversation with over a slice of school lunch..

1. Cath Avery (Fangirl) 
Cath is a quiet, introvert type of person. She loves to read Simon Snow, and even writes award winning fanfiction for it. Even though I'm not quite as sociably shy as Cath, we are a lot alike. We both have a great love for the characters in a story, the only difference...I have never written a story with those said characters. Imagined them? Of course, but never actually written them down. However, her writing advice could come in handy to someone like me.

2. Leo Valdez (Heroes of Olympus) 
He may be an awesome demigod on an adventure to save the world..but poor Leo is just a lovable klutz of a guy. His humor would bring a great amount of joy to the table, and not to mention we would have some pretty good stories.

3. Annabeth Chase (Percy Jackson & Heroes of Olympus) 
A book loving, strategy planning, architecture obsessed demigod. I don't have a specific reason as to why she would be at my table, just seemed like a good fit.

4. Percy Jackson (Percy Jackson & Heroes of Olympus) 
The only reason Percy is included is for the fact he wouldn't be anywhere without Annabeth.

5. Luna Lovegood ( Harry Potter)
Do I really need to say more than Luna?

6. Neville Longbottom (Harry Potter)
Sweet, loyal Neville. He would definitely find a place at our table!

7. Piper McClain (Heroes of Olympus)
Piper is a daughter of Aphrodite, yet she doesn't care for fashion, nor being the center of attention. Sounds like she could fit right into our little table.

8. Jason Grace ( Heroes of Olympus) 
Same reason as Percy on this one. He will be wherever Piper is.

9. Matilda Wormwood (Matilda)
Another book loving girl. With the rest of us book lovers, I'm sure she will feel right at home.

10. Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)  *Add Ron too, just because they're married!
Cares about getting expelled more than dying, can find any answers you need from a library, and has all the teachers questions answered before class...Yep, she fits perfectly at this table!

So there are the 10 characters I would be eating with. Not a bad selection if I say so. I personally would love to have eaten lunch with them. Definitely the makings of a great group.

**Sorry for all the Harry Potter and Percy Jackson people. (Guess being my favorites it was bound to happen.)

Would you want to eat with any of these 10?
Leave me a link to your Top Ten and I'll be sure to check it out!!


  1. Oh, I love the way you interpreted the prompt! I also chose Hermione, but mainly to skip my pre-readings and such, ahaha ;P And while I haven't seen Luna in many other TTTs, she's such a fabulous character.

    (Psst, here's my TTT; would love to hear what you think about it if you have time!)

    1. Luna was one of my favorite characters! I always love the "odd-ball" characters!!! <3

  2. I have one of the same characters....Maybe we'd be at the same table!

    Here's my Top Ten!

    1. I would love to have you at my table! I'll have to see who else would be joining us by reading your list!

  3. I went the "characters I would WANT at my lunch table" route, but for me, the characters I would want and the characters who actually would be there are pretty similar. I'm seeing a lot of Harry Potter characters, and I'm so mad I didn't think to put Hermione or Luna on my list. I would love to meet Matilda as well - her story was one of my favorites as a child, and I still think she is an amazing person.

    1. Don't you just love when the ones you WANT and the ones that ACTUALLY sit with you work out the same?? And yes! Matilda was one of my favorite books when I was younger.

  4. Matilda is a great choice, as are all of the Percy Jackson characters. The Percy Jackson characters would be so fun, especially if they were all together! And what you said about the PJ boys sitting with their girlfriends is so true, boyfriends are always forced to sit with their girlfriends friends at high school lunch tables. The poor boyfriends never get a say!

    1. If the Percy Jackson characters were all together, we better be careful! It would be a lot of fun though!! Poor guys just get dragged along at lunch don't they? Oh well, benefits of being the girl!!

  5. I liked your list! I actually had Neville and Cath on my list too. I really liked your interpretation of this week's topic. That's actually how I started mine and then went way off course.

    1. Neville and Cath are great choices! Can't wait to see who else you added.

  6. I interpreted this topic the same way you did, so all of my choices are characters that might actually have something in common with me. Hermoine made my list too but I LOVE that you included Neville and Luna as well! Great list!

    1. Thank you! I'm glad to se Neville and Luna on someone's list. They are so lovable, how can you not enjoy a lunch day with them??