Monday, July 14, 2014


So this is a bit late in the day, but at least it's not a day late..right??

So as many may know, there is a lovely "thing" happening on Booktube (Youtube) right now! The wonderful BookTubeAThon!!

Now, this is mainly for people with Booktube channels, but anyone can participate. So, I'm taking the chance to join in...but instead of doing a video, I will be doing blog post!

First post for today will be my BookTubeAThon Reading List!

As part of BookTubeAThon, the lovely Arial Bissett created reading challenges! Here is a video of the challenges:

With that being said, let's get to my reading list:
1. Read a book with pictures in it. 
For this challenge I am picking ..The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis. This is one of my favorite childhood books, and one year for my birthday my friend gave me a special edition copy that has artwork all through the book!! One of the best days ever! 

2. Start and FINISH a series. 
Picking just one series is hard, but I chose: The Mercy Falls series, by Colleen Coble. 
       1. The Lightkeeper's Daughter
       2. The Lightkeeper's Bride
       3. The LightKeeper's Ball
This is one of my favorite Christian authors and I love this series, so I'm going to reread this one for BookTubeAThons since I planed on reading it soon anyway! 

3. Pick a book with RED on the cover.
For this one, I'm going with: The Light Keeper's Ball, by Colleen Coble. This one will be a repeat from  the series challenge. If you can't tell, I picked this one because of the red on her dress.

4. A book someone else picks out for you.
Thankfully, I had a friend just waiting for me to ask for a book recommendation. So I happily present to you, Ink, by Amanda Sun.  I honestly never heard of this one before, but apparently she really enjoyed this one and is currently reading the sequel to it. If I like it I will be sure to check out the other! 

5. A book from the genre you read the least this year. 
This one wasn't too hard to chose, So welcome to the list..Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. I chose this one because it is a YA Contemporary. I like contemporary novels, however, I normally don't read too many of them. I have heard amazing things about Rainbow Rowell and can't wait to read my first novel from her! 

6. A Book to Movie adaptation. 
I have so many books I love that have become movies, so this one was a little harder to pick something for. The winner for this challenge will be the lovely, The Fault in our Stars, by John Green. I have a double motive for picking this one. I have not read this one yet, and been meaning to. I am also reading this one for my book club that I co-created. So I already have a few chapters in, but plan on completing this one for the BookTubeAThon! I'll be seeing the movie soon, maybe not this week...Hope that still counts. 

7. Read SEVEN books.
This is probably the hardest challenge and I plan on tackleing it, if I actually complete this in a week is a completely different story! Why not shoot for the stars, right? So here is my list of 7 books. 
     1. The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
     2. The Lightkeeper's Daughter
     3. The Lightkeeper's Bride
     4. The Lightkeeper's Ball
     5. Ink
     6. Fangirl 
     7. The Fault in our Stars

So that is the end of this LONG post! I hope you enjoyed reading a bit of my book choices! 

Are you doing the BookTubeAThon? If you are leave me your name and Booktube, or bookblog links and I'll check them out! I would love to see everyone! 

Have your read any on this list? If you did, was it a good read or not?

Love to hear from you, so leave a comment below and I'll talk to y'all next time!

Now, go get lost between the pages! 


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